Hi! I'm BethAnn, the clumsy one of the duo. I've worked in retail for 9 years now, have a passion for my hubby, our dogs (you'll see them in a second) Tinker Bell, Aerosmith, Prince, and JIMMY BUFFETT! (Any Parrot Heads out there?) I hate to say it, but there's not a lot to tell about me. I (kind of by accident) have a Dachshund rescue, I've had 6 come thru our doors and they are all in fine homes now! I just started this hiking a few months ago and now I'm addicted! LOVE IT! My poor parents and family are baffled by the change, I mean up until a year ago, I was "Barbie" to the extreme! I like that I can still be a little bit "girly" and still be the "outdoor babe" too. I have a lot of allergies and suffer from migraines, so I hope I can serve as an inspiration to other migraine sufferers. Hey, my e-mail is on here.....share with me! I like to meet new people and I'll "talk" you ear off! Enjoy our page!
  It's time to update this site and this section. Its now 2006 and a lot of things have changed. I am now working at a local water heater manufacturer. I am their  Technical Writer. I am backpacker a lot these days and Beth is as well. I've also purchased a kayak (touring variety). Its easier to manage than a canoe on solo trips.
  I'm Emily Alexandria. . . . that's Alex to you. I am the Queen and own EVERYTHING. . . . .not everything I see, I just know that I own everything. Hey, that's a Dachshund for you, OK? I will be 8 at the end of June, and enjoy beating up on my baby brother (Skooter) and any rescues that Mom and Dad bring in. My cousin is a Great Dane and I bully him around too. . . that's fun! Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm sweet and loveable, but I HAVE to let all the dogs know who's in charge here. . . . that's me!  Oh check me out at: The Queen at Dogster.com
  My name is Skooter Elvis, Mom did that as a joke. My Aunt Melissa found me, and gave me to Mom, I started out as a rescue so she thought she'd be funny and name me Elvis. . . then we fell in love, I got re-named and I'm here to stay! I'm allergic to beef and grass and I have seizures once in a while, but I can always tell Mom when she's getting ready for a DOOZIE of a Migraine! Mom seems to think that I'm a Westie/Schnauzer mix, but I've had 2 people grab me out of Mom's arms and ask if she was a Jack Russell breeder and that I was the greatest JR specimen that they'd ever seen. I'M NOT A JRT and DON'T grab me away from Mom! Sis beats up on me when she's had a bad day, or just when she feels like it. We lost our sister, DollyFay almost 2 years ago to Leukemia. She was a Standard, Red Dachshund that came form the Johnson City Animal Shelter (www.tailchasers.org) and she started the whole rescue thing. She was Mom's first Christmas gift the year Mom and Dad got married. We miss her, but her work lives on. My site: Skooter at Dogster.com
  Hi, I'm Max (Maximus). I'm now staying with these crazy people. As you can see from the picture they stuck me in a camper. So I took their bed. I feel this is a fair trade. Although the small black dog ultimately took it from me. She is a tyrant. If you haven't guessed yet I am a Great Dane, a blue merle to be exact. No I don't eat a lot, I've never had a saddle on me, and yes I leave large land mines in the yard. That should cover most of the questions asked about me.

BTW here in my site: Maximus at Dogster.com